Hotel Villa Toscana was built on the site of an old German mansion in the central district of the city of Kaliningrad, for many seven years people who dedicate a part of their soul and part of their life to this project worked on the exterior and interiors of the rooms. The house decorated the central area of ​​the city in which, before the war, the most luxurious villas of wealthy and famous residents of Koenigsberg were located.

With its memorable entrance door, the color of the azure sea, the hotel overlooks a quiet street named after Pushkin, and the hotel's restaurant ends with a terrace overlooking the city's central park, the trees of which, like a green wall, close this corner of peace and quiet.

Guests of the hotel will be surrounded by the attention of the staff and the walls on which the landscapes of Italy are painted, and the day spent at Villa Toscana will begin with the singing of birds and will pass unhurriedly through the noise of the fountain.